Welcome to Green House Grammar Higher Secondary School. Thank you for visiting our career page, which will be a gateway to a high achievement oriented, equal opportunity work environment.

How To Apply

The culture of GHGS works on building an environment of creativity, self-control, motivation and ownership. You can easily become a bonafied part of this dynamic and learning culture. This way, you can start looking at a fast paced, career ladder which will build you and you can build it cohesively as well. This is complimented by the following traits of our school:

  1. Innovation
  2. Creativeness
  3. Dignified entrepreneurship in your work
  4. Teamwork and self-motivation
  5. Commitment and job satisfaction
  6. Successful integration of self with passion and willingness to do work

GHGS has established foothold by increasing its tendency to hire best of the best candidates to ensure excellent working environment created by the staff through their ownership. The recruitment policy holds an important part in the whole employment cycle of the GHGS staff.
This process ensures that GHGS becomes the employer of choice as it facilitates not male candidates for the jobs but equally qualified females as well. The CVs shortlisted are contacted for, through telephone, keeping in view that GHGS personally looks into communicating with the candidates.

Selection is the main process of converting a good candidate to an employee at GHGS. We make sure that the most dedicated and the most capable will be the part of GHGS. The selection policy is as:

  1. The shortlisted candidates are called in for the interview and then they go through the process of recurrent interview and selections tests (teachers). The candidates are selected on the bases of their performance in interviews/demonstration.
  2. Details are finalized and the candidate is placed on the vacant job.

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